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25 June 2013
BCLME SAP IMP Youth Summit

The DLIST programmes found that youth activities, conferences and summits are successful in engaging and stimulating discussion with the youth about important issues. Due to the documented poor state of the oceans and their resources, challenges...

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Why was IKM created?

IKM promotes sustainable living through the wise use of natural and cultural resources.

The key to serving our purpose is bridging the knowledge gap among various tiers of society. The information divide and lack of access to information are major impediments to a better life for local communities. We bridge the knowledge gap by assisting people at ground level to do research on their own realities, to digest and analyse such information, and then to disseminate the results. ‘Voices from the ground’ can then be heard by planners and decision-makers, by donors and society at large. Amongst other methodologies and techniques, IKM uses participative filmmaking, participative rural appraisal and a range of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) mechanisms in pursuit of its aims and objectives. We believe that ‘good ideas can change the world, but only if they are shared’.

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